Enjoy a wide variety of choices from our menu.  Take your time to scroll through or use the menu to the left to jump right to the food you want.

Most items available for takeout.


cheese stix    5.99

onion rings   4.99

chicken breast strips (5)   5.99

wing dings (7) 5.99

Chips and Cheese 4.99

Cheese Fries  4.99


(add.50 for bleu cheese)

greek salad (w/ feta cheese, greek chives & more)    small  6.29    large 8.29  Add chicken for 2.00 extra

julienne salad (fresh lettuce, slices of ham, swiss cheese, turkey breast, eggs and tomato wedges)    8.79

chicken walnut salad  (served w/ lettuce, walnuts, diced tomatoes, shredded cheese and chicken - topped w/ raspberry vinaigrette dressing)   8.79

taco salad  (fresh ground beef on a crisp bed of lettuce w/ pepper, onion, diced tomatoes, and covered w/ shredded cheese, served in a flour tortilla shell)   7.49

Brass Pointe Bleu Salad (char-grilled chicken, crumbled bleu cheese, cranberries, lettuce, red onion and tomato)  8.99

From the Grille (served until 3:00PM)

[three egg omelettes; includes potato, toast & jelly]

cheese omelette   6.59

ham & cheese omelette   7.59

mushroom & cheese omelette   7.59

Soup & Sides

soup du jour homestyle   bowl 4.25     cup  3.25

cole slaw   1.50                            tossed salad   2.50

garlic bread   .80                          ranch fries    1.99

baked potato   1.99                      rice or beans   1.50

Gourmet Burgers

(all burgers are chophouse grade beef served on a grilled handmade Artisam broche roll with lettuce, tomato, pickled red onion and pickle.  Your choice of ranch fries or homemade coleslaw.  Substitute salad or a cup of soup for 1.29 or onion rings for 1.99)

Bob's BBQ Burger  (cheddar cheese, homemade honey, BBQ sauce and Applewood smoked bacon)  8.49

Bleu Burger  (Crumbled bleu cheese and sauteed bell peppers with chipotle mayo  8.49

Southwest Burger  (Jalapeno peppers and sauteed bell peppers with spicy pepper jack cheese with chipotle mayo)  8.49

Phiily Burger   (sauteed onions and mushrooms topped with melted Swiss cheese)  8.49

Classic Burger  (with your choice of cheese add .50; with your choice of topping add 1.00)  7.59

Patty Melt  (sauteed onions, cheddar and Swiss cheese on grilled rye)  8.49

Giant Brass Pointe Burger  (a giant one pund burger patty, served on two pieces of grilled garlic bread)   (with your choice of cheese add .50;  with your choice of additional topping, add 1.00)  9.99

Sandwich Selection

[sandwiches include cole slaw or ranch fries; all sandwiches are served on Texas toast; substitute salad or cup of soup - .99 extra;   substitute onion rings - 1.99 extra]

grilled chicken sandwich  w/swiss cheese and Applewood smoked bacon served on a handmade Artisan brioche roll  8.29

turkey club  served with bacon, smoked turkey, lettuce & tomato   8.49

hawaiian club   served with Applewood smoked bacon, chicken salad, lettuce & tomato   8.49

turkey reuben   thinly shaved smoked turkey breast with sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and Russian dressing on the side  8.49

turkey   fresh smoked turkey breast served on Texas toast with lettuce, tomato and pickle   7.49

fish sandwich   two pieces of Icelandic cod, hand-dipped, fried and srved on a handmade Artisan briche roll with lettuce tomato and pickle  7.49

applewood smoked bacon, lettuce & tomato   served on Texas toast 6.99

double grilled ham & cheese   Cheddar and Swiss cheese grilled on Texas toast  4.99


Dinner Entrees

all dinner entrees served with garlic bread & choice of potato; cole slaw or salad   [substitute a mini-greek salad to your dinner entree - 3.29 extra    substitute onion rings - 1.99 extra]

B.B.Q. Ribs   (not basted on request)

[all our ribs are rotisserie basted with Brass Pointe's own seasonings]

brass pointe special   11.25   

3/4 slab of ribs   16.49

whole slab of ribs   20.25

whole slab for two   whole slab   22.49

hungry jack    delicious slab and a half of ribs    27.99

Baby Back Ribs

[our meaty baby back ribs, slow cooked until they are fall-off-the-bone tender and coated with our honey BBQ sauce]

full slab  22.29

half slab  11.99

B.B.Q. Chicken  (not basted on request)

half chicken    8.99

whole chicken   serves two   16.49

half chicken  white meat  13.25

grilled chicken breasts  two boneless breasts with b.b.q. sauce   13.49

b.b.q. chicken for two   four all-white chicken breasts    23.49

Broasted Chicken

[for a special taste...our chicken is marinated and lightly dusted in flour]

half broasted chicken   9.25

whole broasted chicken  for two    17.29

two piece chicken   7.79   two all-white pieces  10.99

half broasted chicken   served with 4 all white breasts   18.29

brass pointe broasted wings (6)   8.49

Combinations - create a combo choice of two  17.99

ribs special

half bbq chicken

half broasted chicken

cod  two pieces

shrimp  five pieces

Combo Specials

ribs & b.b.q. chicken   19.29

ribs & broasted chicken   18.99

ribs & broasted wings (5)    17.49

Super Size  (includes large greek salad)

super slab ribs    25.99

super broasted   22.99

super b.b.q.   21.99

hungry jack  slab & a half ribs    30.99

Prime Rib

prime rib   17.99

prime rib & shrimp   (5) shrimp   22.50

Fresh WhitefishFresh Seafood

jumbo butterfly shrimp (10 pieces)   16.25

icelandic cod   10.45

bbq salmon   13.99


Mexican Specialties

[served with rice, beans & cole slaw - except nachos, burrito & botana entrees]   (substitute with chicken - 2.00 extra)

nachos   corn chips topped w/ cheese meat, green peppers, onions and tomatoes   small - 8.49    large - 10.49

botana   corn chips topped w/ cheese, beans, green peppers, tomato slices, onions & olives     small - 8.49   large - 10.49

burritos (2)   9.29

tacos  (3)  corn tortillas (hard or soft) with meat, lettuce, tomato & cheese   7.99

tostados  (2)  beans, beef, cheese, lettuce tomato & sour cream   8.29

enchilada  (3)  corn tortillas wrapped around a mixture of meat and cheese filling, topped w/ cheese   8.49

combination plate   served with burrito, tostada & enchilada   10.49

Parties of 6 or more - 18% gratuity added